A story of extraordinary resilience and healing in the midst of tragedy.

This incredible story demonstrates how resilience can overcome a challenging childhood and tragic loss of any kind. Heather Drummond stopped at nothing to claim back her emotional freedom and abundant joy. Dear River is a memoir to her son, River, written in the form of short poetic stories.

A life ecstatic with love but also entwined with sexual abuse, low self-esteem, drugs, alcohol, suicide and divorce. These extremities forged a path to deep spiritual grounding that culminated in extraordinary gratitude, healing and self-awareness.

Leaning into the twists and turns of life with her soulmate, whose inner peace and calm was unshakeable. Heather soon found herself embracing inter-faith complexities with honesty, enthusiasm and warmth. Discovering new techniques that many would find uncomfortable. Demonstrating an enviable willingness to do anything to heal.

Heather’s journey is both relatable and valuable to those seeking healing and joy.

What she has left as a legacy for her son is, in fact, a loving gift to all.


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About the Author

Heather Drummond was born in Africa in 1976. She grew up in Zimbabwe and went to the Dominican Convent in Harare.

She is a conventional Christian who has often been challenged by the fear and skepticism associated with Eastern practices such as yoga and meditation which she now enjoys and teaches.

Her enthusiasm for life and spiritual enlightenment drove her to write her book ‘Dear River’ sharing her spiritual journey and how it helped her hold on to life after she sadly lost two of her closest family members.

Her message of love and inter-faith harmony is spreading worldwide.

I have taken another 3 of your books.

Sri Sri Ravi ShankarSpiritual Leader & Founder of The Art of Living

I already have this book in my handbag, it's very good

Bhanumathi NarasmihanThe Art of Living Foundation

As a Christian, I found myself asking all the same questions that you talk about in the book and you have answered them so beautifully.

Munya ChidzongaZimbabwean actor

I enjoyed your book very much, it touched me deeply.

Sven Weckelmann

I feel SOOOOOOO close to you today :), I started reading Dear River yesterday morning and I couldn't put it down. I managed to finish it before midnight last night.

Christie Fynn

I love how you have shared so articulately, your message with your little boy

Geraldine Walsh CassonAustralia

I have to tell you my sister is totally blown by your book, needless to say I was as well. It’s a true liberation of self-expression and honesty and done with such integrity. I just loved it.

Daren Williams

Thank you for this beautiful read. I am loving it so much and have used a few quotes from the book in some of my yoga classes.

Denise Taylor
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