My husband and I are often questioned on why we choose a vegetarian diet. This subject has caused many debates the world over so I will briefly share why we choose to leave meat off our plates. I believe it’s important we have this knowledge so we can then make informed decisions about what we put on our plate.


Vegetables have all you need. There is a misconception that you have to eat meat to get protein; the strongest animals on this planet are vegetarian, elephants for example and the cows manage fine. Some famous vegetarians include Carl Louis, Albert Einstein, Bryan Adams and Brad Pitt. 50% of the world are vegetarian and my two sons are very healthy.

Energy levels are much higher. My husband in his first year of being vegetarian tried it one month on and one month off for a whole year and he found his energy levels were much higher. It takes a lot of energy to digest meat, you might of felt this way after a big steak. Test it for yourself, at the same time, don’t confuse feeling light with feeling hungry.

Grain for animals could feed the hungry. 70% of the world’s grain is fed to livestock, if that was fed to the starving we would eradicate poverty instantly. Only a small percentage of that grain is converted to meat.

Eat only what you would enjoy killing. As we evolve as human beings we are moving towards compassion rather than dominion. We have more respect for the miracle of life. I’m often told ‘but the caveman used to eat meat’ and I say yes  ‘Gladiators also used to kill each other and cannibals used to eat humans’. A good test is to ask yourself ‘would I kill this animal to eat it’.


Terrible living conditions for animals. Sadly our animals are not enjoying the shepherd’s love that the bible talks so fondly of. John 10:11 ‘the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep’. Animals are now a commodity, crammed into tiny spaces, some never to touch raw soil, smell fresh air or enjoy the warmth of the sun on their bodies. Search YouTube for Sir Paul McCartney’s ‘If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls’ to get a real glimpse of what happens behind closed doors.

Air pollution worse than all cars. There is so much talk about global warming and going green but what the media fails to mention is that the gases produced from the meat industry contribute to more green house gases than ALL cars and aeroplanes in the whole world.

Rain forests and best land for grazing and stockfeed. We could all have a piece of paradise but we are cramming into smaller and smaller spaces. Cattle and other ruminant livestock graze one-half of the planet’s total land area. Ruminants, along with pigs and poultry, also eat feed and fodder raised on one-fourth of the cropland. Imagine we turned this land into wildlife sanctuaries and we all lived in harmony with nature. Let’s save the rhino this way.

Intestines of humans more like apes. Our digestive system is most similar to that of apes who are 99% vegetarian. Our intestines are many times longer than our body whereas carnivores have short intestines to expel meat quickly.

All animals are the same. It’s wonderful that so many people care for animals and there is a fight for rhinos, for dolphins, whales, seals, cats, dogs, turtles to name a few. There are people against fur, foie gras, crocodile skins, hunting and the Chinese eating dogs and cats. I always respond the same ‘oh you must be a vegetarian’. Few are.

Nothing has to be slaughtered. We no longer have to kill to survive. If you are going to take anything from the bible literally let it be this: Exodus 20:13 “Thou shalt not kill.”

Heather Drummond

Author Heather Drummond

Heather Drummond is the author of the book, “Dear River”. She is also a yoga instructor at the Art of Living foundation and a loving mother of two boys. Together with her husband, Heather is pursuing her dream to build an ecovillage at Mauritius where she lives with her family. She has also launched the initiative, Ecoshe.earth to promote the concept of living together as a sustainable community. Her goal is to spread the message of love and inter-faith harmony throughout the world.

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