"Become part of a new movement of harmony in diversity that the world so desperately needs"

Heather Drummond (nee Fynn) was born in Salsbury, Rhodesia, Africa in 1976. A descendant of Henry Francis Fynn, an English traveler and trader and the first European settler in Natal who had befriended Shaka Zulu around 1824.

She grew up in what then became Zimbabwe under the rule of Robert Mugabe. She went to the Dominican Convent in Harare and lived with her mother, stepfather and sisters up to the age of 17, often visiting her grandparent’s farm in Chegutu. She represented the national team for hockey at a very young age. She left for London aged 21 and spent 2 years working for United Distillers which then became Diageo and travelled to Europe with her 2 best friends.

In 1999 she returned to Zimbabwe and started her own business exporting African Shona Art, within 5 years it became the largest exporter of shona sculpture averaging a 20-foot container a month to all corners of the world. During this time she also lived and worked in Victoria Falls, a natural UNESCO World Heritage Site.  In 2003 she travelled to the United States for 3 months, she visited the gallery in Sedona, Arizona where she had sent a 40’ container of African Art. 

In 2004 she met her husband Garth Drummond and started to work with him to build what is now Zimbabwe’s leading web development company, hosting provider and e-commerce platforms employing over 50 staff. 

In their spare time they enjoyed volunteering for the Art of Living and became Yoga Instructors, this is where Heather wrote her book ‘Dear River’. They also had a dream to build an Ecovillage in Zimbabwe, but sadly the economic environment was not suitable. The vision can still be seen on: www.ecovillage.co.zw

In 2014 due to hyperinflation and difficult working conditions, Garth and Heather moved to Mauritius with their 2 boys, River and Dune. They launched a property portal in Mauritius and Nigeria and in their spare time continued pursuing their dream to build an ecovillage, this time in Mauritius: www.ecovillage.mu 

The family fell in love with Mauritius and its people, they enjoyed the culture and the open mindedness towards people from all over the world. They felt safe and could still continue to run their business back home. 

In 2020 Heather launched the initiative Ecoshe.earth, feeling that education around living sustainably and better e-commerce platforms to further support living sustainably were the next steps towards actually living together as a community.

Heather is an exceptionally talented woman, wife and mother to two beautiful boys, River and Dune. Her enthusiasm for life and spiritual enlightenment drove her to write her book Dear River sharing her spiritual journey and how it helped her hold on to life after she sadly lost 2 of her closest family members.

Her message of love and inter-faith harmony is spreading world wide.

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I also wanted to say thank you so much for your book. I've been reading it over the last couple of weeks and have been really enjoying it. In some ways I wish id read it in Mauritius as would have been really lovely to talk to you about some of it...

Elizabeth Richardson

Hi heath been reading your book love it, when I have finished I am lending it to my niece to read, both her parents have cancer and I think it will help. You are such a clever talented cookie!

Jen Ogden

I am totally loving your book and feel so close to you as I find out more and more about your amazing life and incredible journey. I have not yet finished it, but am rather savoring it, reading just a bit each day...

Kirsty Brien