About the Book

A remarkable tale of resilience and healing in the midst of tragedy.

What does it take to rise above your circumstances? To look at your pain in the face and declare that you will not let it drag you down? To believe that despite misfortune, your life has worth and purpose? In the memoir she has written, Heather Drummond explores these questions and unfolds her journey towards abundant joy and freedom from suffering. 

Heather’s life has been enriched with love, but it has also been challenged with sexual abuse, low self-esteem, drugs, alcohol, and suicide, and divorce. In an earnest search for an escape from the deep sorrow that she faced, Heather felt drawn to the unconventional ideas of Garth, a man in whom she admired an unshakable inner peace and someone she fell deeply in love with. Soon, Heather found herself exploring the unfamiliar intricacies of Eastern theology while also trying to stay connected with her Christian roots. 

Her transformative journey culminated in a newfound self-awareness, gratitude, and healing. This gave Heather the courage to share her story with the world. Heather’s experiences will resonate with anyone who embarks on their own journey towards self-discovery, joy, and healing. What she has left as a legacy for her son River is, in fact, a loving gift to all.

About The Author

‘Dear River’ will help anyone wanting to:

  • live a healthier life
  • deal with the loss of a loved one
  • find more meaning in their life
  • learn more about yoga and meditation from a Christian point of view
  • free themselves from a haunting and consuming past
  • restore faith in love, marriage and meeting their soul mate
  • live without fear, worry or regret
  • healing a disease or situation spiritually
  • stop smoking or similar substance abuse
  • see more harmony in the world between all cultures and religions
  • enjoy a calm state of mind and being


“As a Christian, I found myself asking all the same questions that you talk about in the book and you have answered them so beautifully.”

Munya Chidzonga

“I'm enjoying your book. Stayed up late into the night reading it....
Sad by all the sadness ... Amazed at your resilience and positivity... Love all the joy... Inspired. Thank you for sharing this with me!”

Lisa Butler

“I feel SOOOOOOO close to you today :), I started reading Dear River yesterday morning and I couldn't put it down. After all the family etc I managed to finish it before midnight last night.”

Christie Fynn