What people said about 'Dear River: Love, Loss & Spirituality'

“I have taken another 3 of your books.”

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

“I already have this book in my handbag, it's very good”

Bhanumathi Narasmihan

“Thank you for this beautiful read. I am loving it so much and have used a few quotes from the book in some of my yoga classes.”

Denise Taylor

“Started reading your book and wow you are a special girl Heath, need to meet up with you as would like to chat about it when you are free.”

Kelly Moore

“Thank you so much for your book. I'm really enjoying it. I love the fact that the boys can read it one day too. I sadly had a miscarriage last week and bizarrely I was reading the section about your miscarriage so I actually took some real strength from your book and your thoughts when it happened.”

Elizabeth Richardson

“I’m reading your book and loving it.”

Brad Beale

“It’s so easy to read and very hard to put down.”

Liane Lombard

“I bought a copy of your book in Berlin and I just loved it completely, amazingly powerful yet so simply written. I have recommended it to my whole family and they are all reading it now one by one.”


“Just finished your book Heather, thank you a lot for this great and very positive book, I liked it a lot!”

Inna Durovich

“An emotionally courageous exploration of the very real and poignant questions that we do and should reflect upon during our amazing individual 'adventures' that we call lifetimes! I stayed up till 3.30 am the first night reading it.”

Cheryl Richardson Jones

“I am enjoying your book, it has wonderful little cameos that have evoked feelings of “oneness” in its approach to some of life’s riddles that pop up in all of our minds from time to time, but never seem to find direction or be resolved. Your book is a brave approach, which a lot of heavy weights would be too scared to attempt. Well done!”

Allan Taylor

“Thank you for such a sincere , humble and inspiring experience with "Dear River". I really believe so many of my patients would benefit from sharing your approach to spirituality.”

Matt Leisher

“Really enjoying your book, I landed up staying in bed most of yest with it and really appreciate your perspective on how the Art of Living course has changed your life. Also your relationship with Garth has restored my faith in marriage. I guess like attracts like 🙂 I also wanted to offer my condolences for the loss of your mom and sister, I actually remember Rozanne from school- a very beautiful girl. You are definitely an inspiration and I immediately felt your warmth from our first conversation, I'm sure River and others will greatly benefit from the insights you've had on your spiritual journey, I do hope to make some of the Kriya sessions at the temple as I feel I need to reconnect with the source and recharge as such.”

Meera Patel

“I read this book at a particularly difficult time in my life and it gave me the strength to hold on.”

Melissa Fernandes

“I'm enjoying your book. Stayed up late into the night reading it. Saddened by all the hard times yet amazed at your resilience and positivity”

Lisa Butler

“Have read Heather's book so often and have lent it to a lot of people that I work with. They also resonate with Heather and how she has expressed everything that we've felt.”

Tara Hutton

“I feel SOOOOOOO close to you today :), I started reading Dear River yesterday morning and I couldn't put it down. I managed to finish it before midnight last night.”

Christie Fynn

“Started one morning, took it to work and finished it in one day. “Dear River" was a journey of self discovery for me. Thank you for inspiring me, for making me feel that I was worth something more and for helping me find my true potential within the book. It is an incredible read, I felt as though I went through your journey with you.”

Kara Lombard

“As a Christian, I found myself asking all the same questions that you talk about in the book and you have answered them so beautifully.”

Munya Chidzonga

“I enjoyed your book very much, it touched me deeply.”

Sven Weckelmann

“I have read the book and it's actually a powerful write- up. I was touched with so many aspects of the book. In many ways my perception of reality (spirituality) has been affected. The book will definitely help souls in the rural areas and can generate a lot of interest on spirituality issues”

Antony Sungisayi

“I have to tell you my sister is totally blown by your book, needless to say I was as well. It’s a true liberation of self-expression and honesty and done with such integrity. I just loved it.”

Daren Williams

“I love it, when I have finished I am lending it to my niece to read, both her parents have cancer and I think it will help. You are such a clever talented cookie.”

Jen Ogden

“I love how you have shared so articulately, your message with your little boy”

Geraldine Walsh Casson

“I am listening to your Dear River book. Wow, I just want to give you a hug. You are such an amazing person. Thank you for writing this.”

Elise di Danato

“I am totally loving your book and feel so close to you as I find out more and more about your amazing life and incredible journey. I have not yet finished it, but am rather savoring it, reading just a bit each day. I have highlighted so many of your quirky yet poignant points with a marker for easy reference one day. You really are an inspiration!”

Kirsty Brien

“I don’t know what else to say but your message is clear, you are incredibly open and inspiring. You have a wonderful gift. May God continue to bless you and your family and may he lead your dreams and see them to fruition.”

Pam Sluijs

“I spent the whole time reading it saying "yes that is exactly it". it just made so much sense to me and came to me at exactly the right time in my life.”


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