I’m honoured to be writing my first article for Hello Harare and for the opportunity of sharing some wonderful ideas with you on love, life and spirituality. I have recently published a book called ‘Dear River’ and my favourite quote is:

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience..”

By Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Once we have this awareness we can go deeper. This inner path enables us to discover the essence of our being. We become attune with what makes our hearts sing or sink. Certain practices, like meditation, prayer and contemplation help us to develop this connectedness and skill. We talk to our higher power through prayer and we listen through meditation.

I used to have this American dream of being successful. Lots of money, a big house, a fancy car, fine wine and food. I’ve since learned that nothing material will bring us long term happiness. That life without love, health and a sense of belonging would be meaningless. I’m not implying having nice things is wrong, I’m suggesting having a deep sense of gratitude for all that you do have. I believe in a world of abundance, there is enough for all of us. At the same time let’s not get attached and entangled with our material wealth because we could lose the essence of who we truly are.

Heather Drummond

Author Heather Drummond

Heather Drummond is the author of the book, “Dear River”. She is also a yoga instructor at the Art of Living foundation and a loving mother of two boys. Together with her husband, Heather is pursuing her dream to build an ecovillage at Mauritius where she lives with her family. She has also launched the initiative, Ecoshe.earth to promote the concept of living together as a sustainable community. Her goal is to spread the message of love and inter-faith harmony throughout the world.

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